April 8 - International Roma Day

CIP - Centre for Interactive Pedagogy offers congratulations on April 8 - International Roma Day to all members of Roma community.

Through implementation of programs in the field of education, health and social protection, CIP Centre has been for years contributing to a better and just position of the Roma community. Special emphasis is focused on creating a supportive family and institutional environment for Roma children. We contribute to creating conditions for the full development of their capacities and equal integration into the community.

To all members of the Roma nationality we wish personal growth, happiness and health, with the hope that the wider community will more actively support Roma in reaching  full equality in the future.


Programencar sae ćeram ande edukacija, sastipe thaj socijalno zaštita, CIP Centro brešencar palal ćerel sa sar bi avela majlačhi thaj pravičnijo pozicija e Romenđi. Posebno akcento thama sar bi ćerdolape stimulativno invojramento pala e romane chave, sar ande lenđe familija ageja i ande e institucije.

Ćerama uslovura  te razvijonpe lenđe kapacitetura thaj sar bi avena ravnopravno uključime ande zajednica. 

Sa e Romenđe mangasa lično anglunipe, bah thaj sastipe, thaj te ando futuro e majbari komunita aktivno pomosarel sar bi  tumen avena ravnopravne.



Policy Brief, League of Roma “Monitoring the Implementation of the National Strategy and Action Plans for the Improvement of Roma in the context of Serbia’s EU accession and the Anti-Discrimination Law”

Please, find Policy Brief at the link





On the Universal Children’s day, Network of Organizations for the Children of Serbia (MODS) regrettably reminds that there are many children in Serbia who are unable to exercise their rights. Some of these rights, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, are – the right to live, the right to have the name, the right to live with their parents, the right to express their opinions, the right to be healthy, to receive the medical treatments and rehabilitation, to get the education, to be able to play, rest, the right to be protected from economic exploitation, to be protected from all forms of the physical or mental abuse...

For more information click here.



Training on Embracing Diversity - Creating Equitable Societies trough Personal Transformation

CIP – Center for Interactive pedagogy hosted the training on Embracing Diversity – Creating Equitable Societies trough Personal Transformation,  organized by International Step by Step Association as part of Romani Early Years Network Activity (REYN) capacity building program.

The training was held in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia between 23rd and 27th June, 2014. Twenty-six REYN members undertook the Capacity Building Training over a three day period.

The training was conducted in English and the trainers were: Zorica Trikic, MA, ISSA Senior Program Manager and Romani Early Years Network Coordinator and Jelena Vranjesevic, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University.

Training Aims and ObjectivesTo challenge and transform the existing professional practices in Early Childhood Development services that too often lead to exclusion and discrimination (including segregation) on the basis of difference and promoting respect for diversity, equity and inclusion for all.

Specific objectives:

  • Getting theoretical overview and knowledge about the most relevant concepts related to diversity, interculturalism, equity and social justice;
  • Empowering early childhood practitioners working with Romani children, parents and communities to recognize their own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors in relation to these groups;
  • Acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to work in and for diverse contexts; to promote respect for difference and diversity and to integrate equity principles in everyday work,
  • Raising awareness and knowledge about issues of discrimination;
  • Motivating ECD practitioners to take responsibility and build the capacity for change on personal, professional and institutional levels.

Training methods and tools: A range of teaching methodologies were employed throughout the training, which included PowerPoint Presentations, plenary discussions,workshop activities (ice breakers, brainstorming,  working in pairs, small groups, group discussion, group and individual presentations, energizers, role plays, etc). Teaching methods took into account the professional needs and interests of the participants.

The participants expressed their general satisfaction with organization of the training, informational and educational materials, trainers and the training content, etc. 

The International Step by Step Association (ISSA) is a vibrant network that connects professionals and non-profit organizations working in the field of early childhood development. Established in the Netherlands in 1999, ISSA’s community today stretches across the globe with its more than 50 members primarily located in Europe and Central Asia. Building upon the Step by Step Program initiated by the Open Society Foundations in 1994, ISSA aims to ensure equal access to quality care and education for all young children from birth to 10 years old. This mission is implemented through three main pillars of action: equal access for all children; promoting high-quality and professionalism in early years services and empowering parents and communities to be part of the children’s development and learning.  http://www.issa.nl/

The Romani Early Years Network (REYN) connects practitioners from Romani, Traveller and other backgrounds working with Romani and Traveller young children, families and communities. The network is already active in 18 European countries with more and more being added. REYN serves as a platform trough which Romani and other Early Childhood Development practitioners can improve their confidence and competences in their work with Romani children and their families. REYN is hosted and managed by ISSA in partnership with Open Society Foundations’ Roma ‘Kopaçi’ Initiatives of the Early Childhood Programme. http://www.issa.nl/reyn



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